Chairman's Piece

I hope, like me that as you view this site to determine which of the great 2020 locations you will be booking, you feel that same sense of anticipation that accompanies each new season of camping with the Nice People?! Some of the sites will be familiar to those of you who’ve been members a while with others being new destinations.

Thank you to Polly who has the most difficult of all the officers’ roles in sorting out venues, taking into consideration the mix of geographical locations, school and bank holidays, best days for travel, etc. It’s not an easy task, one which occupies much of her time at the beginning of each year, so I hope you are pleased with the selections this year?

Thank you also for those of you who have volunteered to marshall a rally, and for their deputies. Please members, get your booking forms to them as early as possible so that they may begin to plan for your stay with them!

Please note that for Rally 1 in Dorset, you will need to view the Site’s website, heed the warning regarding approach roads, and then work out a suitable route for your unit.


I wish you all a happy and healthy season of caravanning!


If you are reading this as an interested browser, then I'd like you to know that you'd be MOST WELCOME to come and join us!!



Tony Wright,

Club Chairman

Nice People Caravan & Camping Club


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