Chairman's Piece

Nice People Caravan & Camping Club


photo Rally report Whitchurch (1) (1) Roy Watts



As the new Chairman of the Nice People Caravan and Camping Club I would like to thank my fellow members for giving me this opportunity.

Thank you to Past Chaiman Tony for all the hard work he has put in over the past 7 years as Chairman, also to Polly who has held 2 jobs,Secretary and Rally Organiser, which I think is the hardest position in the club.

Welcome to the incoming officers who are Secretary Pat Ash, Treasurer Roger Ash and Rally Organiser Lynda Brocklehurst. Also thank you to Averil for staying on as Membership Secretary and Vera who is keeping her office of Newsletter Editor.

I would also like to say welcome to the new members and hope we can attract some more in 2021.

I hope all members are looking forward to next years rallies as much as I am, hoping we won't have to cancel any due to Covid.

Thanks again to everyone see you next year.

Roy Watts Chairman.