Chairman's Piece

Dear Members,


Welcome to another really good programme of rallying in prospect! Details of all 2018’s “meets” are shown on the next page, a good variety of locations all around this green and pleasant land of ours. If you want to secure electricity where hook ups are limited then I urge you to get your booking forms submitted without delay. Polly has managed to secure some good prices, especially when compared to CLs and CSs, and the non electric ones are especially reasonable! Remember last year? April’s weather was fabulous!!


I’m not sure how many of you choose to rely solely on the directions given for each site but I would point out that I take the Sat-Nav coordinates directly from Google Mapping when I prepare the Rallies Booklet; they are accurate right up to the site entrances! Of course you still need to do your own research to determine the best route overall for your unit. If you are reading this with a view to joining our Club, a Rallies Booklet will be posted to you after receipt of your application form, etc.


I wish you all a great 2018 rally season where you are able to get to as many venues as possible. As a Club we may be small in numbers but we have proven many times that good times are to be had where just a few of us meet up!


Best wishes,


Tony Wright,

Club Chairman

Nice People Caravan & Camping Club