Nice People Caravan & Camping Club



How do you perceive “rallying”??


Do you think that we salute the “flag” and have lots of organised activities that you must join in with? Do you think we have a bugle call at first light and that you have to be ”up and at ‘em” all day every day? Does the very thought of going along to a RALLY fill you with dread?

Then prepare to be enlightened!

We are an “adults only” Club. Some misguided folk have misconstrued this but it is simply that no children are permitted outside of the hours of 6pm and 10am at any of our rallies. Most of us are grand-parents and love our families but choose to caravan without the younger, naturally more boisterous element present overnight. We recognise however, that if you have family or friends with children in the locality of a rally, it is right and proper that they be permitted to visit you during the daytime.

Our Club is able to negotiate very attractive nightly rates compared with commercial sites. Fairly recently we were at a beautiful site in Norfolk with hot (free) showers and spotlessly clean toilets, and with full electrics, paying £12 per night. Regular campers in the very next field had to pay £22 for exactly the same facilities! You will ALWAYS camp at a significantly lower rate as a Club member.

Some of our meets have lots going on – it depends on the individual marshal – whilst others will have little or no organised activities. Often, we all go out to a local hostelry for a meal together or perhaps place an order for fish and chips to be delivered to the site. Coffee mornings or impromtu gatherings occur, as does the odd game of boules. Usually once per year we arrange a book sale with the proceeds going to charity. However, everything is optional; if you wish to use the site purely as a base to travel to the local tourist attractions then that is fine. Nobody is made to feel obliged to join in.

Our Club meets each month from April to October for 10 night’s duration but members may book for a minimum of 5 consecutive nights. We are a small NATIONAL Club with members from all parts of the UK and rally all over England, and sometimes into Wales. Our joining fees and annual subscriptions are very modest, presently £6 to join (a one off administrative payment) and £15 p.a. per unit membership. We have very few rules, just enough to comply with the Countryside Code and maintain the good reputation that the NPCCC has built up with site owners over the years!

So, you see, RALLYING is a great inexpensive pastime in company with friends who are always prepared to offer assistance when required. At past rallies members have provided transport to hospital, dog sitting,  

car and van maintenance, emptying of toilet cassettes (!!) and water fetching for injured members, etc, etc. Not common occurences on CC or C&CC sites where folk tend to keep themsleves to themselves, even on adjacent pitches!  


2021 sees us celebrating our 20th birthday! We are planning a special time at one of our rallies! Our 10th birthday rally in the Cotswolds was a wonderful time!


The myths you may have harboured about it are really just…..myths!!


Why not give us a try? You have nothing to lose and, as you can see from above, new friends and lots to gain!