The NPCCC is a small, well established national club which, (unlike lots of others that meet only at weekends), get together all over the UK for 10 days monthly April through October. There is no compulsion to go for the full duration; members may book for a minimum of 5 consec. nights. Hospital appointments, family reasons etc, sometimes make coming for the full term impossible! We extend a very warm welcome to new members who will help us to remain viable into the future, folk can become members of our Club at an ongoing rally (although, due to DEFRA rules, not able to attend until the next one) as well as by contacting us here.

Although we love children and most of us are grand-parents, our rallies are for grown-ups only (16 years +) however, at our 2018 AGM, it was agreed that well behaved children are permitted to visit with responsible adults between 10am and 6pm.

        An average meeting averages between eight to ten units. Although we presently don't have any campers they are welcome to join our Club.

    Volunteer marshals come from within the membership with some meetings having plenty of organised activities and others much less so, sometimes almost none. Nobody is made to feel obliged to act as a marshal! You are free to join in as much or as little as you choose. 

       Our rallies organiser is able to negotiate attractive nightly rates from a wide network of sites and locations making our rallies much less expensive than private, CC or C&CC sites!

      We are fully compliant with insurance requirements and are affiliated to ACCEO, the national caravanning regulatory body,  having exemption certificates to cover all our activities and locations.

        If you may be interested in joining us or would like to do a taster rally where you pay only the site fees  are just seeking more information about our Club please call our Membership Secretary on 01733760632 or 07464232515 or email [email protected]


If you are a site owner and wish to contact our Rallies Officer to suggest a rally with you please contact Lynda at [email protected]



With best regards,


Averil, Membership Secretary


We can also be found on Facebook, search  "NPCCC."


We'll be only too pleased to send you a welcome pack.



There are no strangers in our Club, just friends waiting to be made!

Nice People Caravan & Camping Club

Averil Watts