2019 Rally 2 - May - Rugeley, Staffs.


Arrived at our second rally in the rain, unfortunately as this continued flag was held in Vera & Alan’s awning and a warm welcome of tea, coffee and biscuits with Polly, Len, Doreen and Alan.  An enjoyable time was had with long chats and much laughter.

As the rain cleared we had a leisurely walk around the fishing lake, a fishing competition was being held and it was interesting to see the amount of equipment they all had.  Also some large fish were being caught and the proud fishermen held them for photos.

Percy and Linda soon arrived bringing more sunshine, so out came the shorts and t-shirts.  Visiting National Trust houses was also very popular as we all went to at least one.  The most popular being Shugborough Hall.

We also arranged to have an Indian takeaway, which was an enormous success due to us being able to enjoy it outside.  Doreen and Alan invited us all into their awning for nibbles and favourite drinks *hic *hic alcoholic*.  What a good night full of laughter and chatter.  With the forecast of lovely weather we celebrated Linda’s birthday with cake and coffee, tea and biscuits and finished off with our most popular game of 5 crowns (cards).  Unfortunately Doreen and Alan had to say goodbye to us as they reached the end of their short break.  A safe journey was wished for them as we waved them off.

Still exploring the surrounding areas we set off to Stafford, not a big town but some interesting sites, one being the oldest thatched house in the centre.  Another night of cards and a meal was arranged again, this time at the local pub.

Oh how the time flies all the awnings are coming down due to the end of our short holiday, flag is held outside in the sunshine.  Lucky van went to Polly and Len and the winner of the quiz none other than to Percy and Linda.  Off for our farewell meal enjoyed by all and a great time was had.  Many friends missed but hope to see you all at rally 3.  Here we come Devon, the Nice People are on their way!







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