Nice People Caravan & Camping Club



On a bright sunny Monday lunchtime we arrived at Bramblewood Caravan Park for the Rally.

Surprisingly we were not last!   The Rally field although a bit sloped was a good site, great location with the nature reserve just a stone’s throw away for us to meander round, and the doggy people take their little ones a walk.

We were welcomed by the Rally Marshalls and their Deputies, Tony, Lyn, Sue & Steve and very quickly a cup of tea was in our hands much welcomed.  As the day pressed on the majority of ralliers arrived including a new member Lorna along with her companions.  Later in the afternoon we had flag so Lyn could formally welcome us, take our money (hee hee) and advise on various places of interest.

We were fortunate enough to have some other new members join us on Wednesday - Neil and Wendy.

On Tuesday evening most of us went to the Barn for an enjoyable time and played higher or lower, Percy & Linda’s team won the first game, and our team won the second, we all won some very nice sweeties.

Thursday evening was quiz night, we had to guess the pictures of old TV stars and their stage names, then we had a blank map of the British Isles and place seaside locations correctly, our winners were, you got it, Percy and Linda’s team and Vera & Alan’s team who enjoyed lovely boxes of chocolates for their prizes.

Friday evening Tony & Lyn organised for us to all have fish and chips sadly the weather was against us that night and we all had to have them in our vans.

Monday evening we all met again (each evening we tried to be socially distanced to obey with regs.) this time it was Mr & Mrs….. Averil and Roy, Vera and Alan were game enough to play.

It was most enjoyable and entertaining….. Roy can you remember now what is the last item you take off in the evening!!!! Some of the answers the partners gave were very amusing……

Alan have you dug yourself out of the big hole yet?  Clue first date!!!

The paperwork we were given gave us some informative information on where to go and best places to visit.   Places like the Anderton Boat lift, Alderford Lake, locks at Grindley Brook, Shrewsbury, Nantwich , Chester.  I think we all enjoyed these places and I believe Roger and I did each one on the list except for Chester, saved that for next time.

Deep into the nature reserve was a bungalow that opened up its garden on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a tea garden, “Chef in the Woods”.  We went down to sample some of the wares and, oh boy, the Pork Pies and sausage rolls and the cheese and leek rolls were to die for.  Sadly I didn't get to try the cakes but there you go!  Next time Eh…..  Something to look forward to.

Whitchurch itself is now a little sad, but unfortunately a lot of these little market towns are the same, but it did have a lovely church and a very good butcher - always a plus for me.

A few sunny afternoons small groups of ralliers would sit around with a cuppa and put the world to rights, the weather on the whole was very kind to us, except for the final Wednesday when the rain made an appearance with vengeance for a time!

Lastly, thank you Tony, Lyn, Sue & Steve for an enjoyable rally ran under very difficult circumstances due to our friend the little Virus……I am sure that everyone had a good time and appreciate your hard work in organising.

Pat Ash